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Meh… even the Askbox eating my ask…


or people don’t want to answering them….. 

I take a break from tumblr for a whiled.. noone will send to me anything anyways and I am tried of sending Ask all the time. -_-

Mac, you know I want to talk with you. And you know I send you asks…..

I can’t delete that blog, so much memories….but have something else instead

I uncrated unusual “Ze Goggles” for Medic, with the effect “purple Confetti”

And I wanted to make my whole Medic loadout to reference Pinkie Pie

But I am not really creative and can’t come up with names and descriptions for:

A Syringe Gun

A Medigun

Either a Übersaw or a Objector with a coloured Pinkie Pie pic I have

Ze goggles

Other miscs…..fuck…to much and I don´t know which one would fit best.

Archimedes, Foppish Physician, Dr. Doktors OP mask, Dr. Whoa and Blighted Bleak.

All class miscs:

Flair, Operation Steel trap badge, Merc Medal, Clan Pride and the name tag

If someone has really good ideas he/she gets rewarded with a paint-can of their choice (Team Spirit, White, Pink, Purple, Mint, Lime green, Fluttershy-yellow/Businessman pants)

AS I am really inactive on that blog, I am going to delete it. Hm….don’t think anyone will even notice that it will be gone.

Will delete it in a few hours, so a bit of time for you to say goodbye. You can still follow my other blog that I linked here a few times

Shameless self promotion here ^^
Here you have something my comrades, a new blog with a real story.

Ask questions on that blog, so the story goes on ^^

Ah well, it was nice to post that comic before I fly to the Games Convention in Cologna, Germany.

Now is your last chance to tell me that you go too, I am curious about meeting other Bronies ^^

The Codex Astartes Does Not Support This Action.

……fuck…..FUCK…..Commissar Fuklaw won´t save me now, won´t he?

This glorious piece of art was done by Spaceweasel. Here is his FA link for you, he takes commissions and doesn´t afraid of anything!
200 followers special!
Thank you all!

200 followers special!

Thank you all!

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Damnit Celestia, what are you doing here?

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Damnit Celestia, what are you doing here?